The Premier Must Have Audio Cable for iPhone and Mp3 player owner

Have you experiencing the moment that you really want to listen to your iPhone music through car stereo when you on the road? I did! Now I find a simplest solution to this situation. The headphone patch cord is an ideal iPhone cable accessory to your car audio system, allowing plugging and playing your iPhone though your car stereo auxiliary input jack. Nowadays most new model vehicles are equipped with a direct AUX input, this Audio Cable is able to play your iPhone or Mp3 player directly through your car’s stereo system. It is able to extend up to 2.5 feet long. The length is enough to reach from your center console to your stereo. The best part of this cable is that you are able to retract it while not in use.

2.5ft retractable audio cable

2.5ft retractable audio cable

This Audio Cable is a decent product. You are able to use this cable to connect into your car stereo to give you’re a mess-free way to hook up your phone on a fairly regular basis. The retractable design makes it possible to clip almost anywhere that you could easily pull to plug a device in and then retract to hide when done. When you using that retract mechanism, please be carefully pulling evenly from both ends. It is a great portable cable to take with you even in your travel bag. It is easy to take and use your iPhone in a rental car. Easy and convenient to carry and will always a good companion with your iPhone. You will just love the retractable cable! It is one of the few you have that is not in a knotted-up mess!2.5ft Retractable Audio Cable2.5ft Retractable Audio Cable

This 2.5ft retractable audio cable is incredibly low price and works perfectly. Now at this summer music season, offers you a price at only 2.79$ (was 3.72$). It is really hardly to beat the price for this compact auxiliary cable. A similar cable is cost you upwards of 5 times the price elsewhere. Cheap yet work just as well as the more expensive ones, it is the main spirit of

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2 comments on “The Premier Must Have Audio Cable for iPhone and Mp3 player owner
  1. andrew says:

    what is the purpose for using the audio cable? If everyone nowadays have has their iphone headphone cable ?

    • ♫ Joy ♫ says:

      The idea is sharing. Sharing your iPhone music with your friends during car drive or at other places where is is a Stereo Receiver.

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