The Cheapest 1.4 HDMI Cable in Canada||

Looking for a premium high speed 1.4 HDMI cable to improve your signal efficiency? Let’s us introduce you an amazing 6ft HDMI cable we just received. This cable from the company BlueDiamond, specially design for high speed connectivity, has a 24k gold connector to enhance it’s longevity, no matter if you are using it to connect your HDTV, laptop or any other electronic devices. I am sure that you will not regret buying this high quality HDMI cable currently sold as low as $4.99 on our website

1.4 hdmi cable canada

1.4 hdmi cable canada

 The BlueDiamond Premium 6ft High Speed HDMI Cable features full compatibility which supports up to a resolution of 1080p. This cable is fully shielded for any high definition TV and since it’s a 6 feet long 1.4 version cable, it’s currently one of the most effective HDMI cable available. It’s able provide up to 5gbps of bandwidth without any problem. I have tested it and compared this cable to the others and the major difference is that the special gold-shield connectors on each sides is a lot more performant then any traditional cheaper HDMI cable found in retail stores. The BlueDiamond 6ft HDMI Cable has also a thicker AWG cable , which pretty much means that you are going to lose less signal during transmission. If you are planning to buy a cable to stream your videos, songs or documents to your Smart TV, then this is simply the best.

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