Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases for Outdoor Activites

The biggest rival of iPhone nowadays definitely is Samsung, here is the outdoors cases list for Samsung Galaxy S3  I’d like to recommend to you from iPhonegala.

iPhonegala is not only offer the accessories of iPhone, it carries most popular mobiles and tablets’ accessories.  And we are so proud of the price we offer to you, it always the lowest price you ever seen in other stores, even the branded accessories.

1. iOttie Waterproof skins for Samsung Galaxy S3

iOttie waterproof skin for galaxy s3

iOttie waterproof skin for galaxy s3

 This is not a mint product in this summer, but it still deserves to have while we are swimming, taking a spa, or any other basic water activities. We’ve introduced a lot in previous blogs of iOttie waterproof skins for iPhone, and the experiments are pretty successful.
Same words here, iOttie water proof skins are not quite ideal for outdoor campaign:
①Some cases can’t be applied on after the cell coated with iOttie skin.
②The call quality under water is muffled. ③Hard to tap on, not sensitive.
But at least it is a good protection and100% prevents smartphones dropping to water. Plus it is reusable upon the situation, 2 pack included at $15. It’s quite enough for a summer. Just enjoy happy time whatever at home or in the beach then.

2. OtterBox® Armor Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

OtterBox armor series for Samsung Galaxy S3

OtterBox armor series for Samsung Galaxy S3

This is also a famous outdoor series smart phone cases. And we also have the OtterBox armor series for Samsung galaxy S3.  Compare to the iOttie waterproof skins, Armor definitely comes with more functions and much better for any outdoor campaigns.
①It tolerate submersion for 30 mins. ② Protect the Galaxy S3 form 10 foot drops.
③It can withstand up to two tons of crushing force.
Although OtterBox Armor Series cases are pricy, it is the perfect outdoor cases for those who love backpacker.

3. Case-Mate® Glam Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

casemate galm for samsun GS3

casemate galm for samsun GS3

This is for the girl obviously, the bling bling case are fancy for summer, especially under sunshine. This case-mate glam case available 2 colors in our web, and it’s a simple snap-on hard case shell.
It not easy to find that many different patterns cases for Smasung Galaxy than iPhone, but here it is. So release your Samsung Galaxy S3 and sparkle all the outdoor activities you are in.



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