Powerocks Universal Tetris Chargepack — Outdoor Power Saviour

In summer, there are a lot campaigns and outdoor events waiting for us.  If you are those person cannot live without mobiles gadgets. A convenient and small universal chargerpack would give a timely assistance to you.

powerock universal powerpack

powerock universal powerpack

Not like the regular charger we ‘ve used a lot from Apple, Powerocks universal tetris chargepack is not only a portable charge , but also a power pack . AC prongs fold down for easy storage converting it from wall charger to portable power bank.

The powerful 6000 mAh definitely gives your pack a fast full capacity charge more than other chargers.  And it will charge your mobile devices safely and quickly when life takes you away from an outlet. So it’s ideal for you to grab with when you are in a small trip or at home.  You will never worry about missing calls, emergency help .Or enjoy the time reading ,playing game as long as you want.

Powerocks universal tetris chargepack designs lightweight size, and the package also included a drawstring cotton bag for organized you to carry on easily.

Carrying this powerful, small universal chargerpack with you anywhere, it substantially gives your various mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, a second life. If you are looking for chargepack or power bank, Powerocks tetris chargepack’s high capacity of battery makes you perfect moment ever. And iPhonegala offer the unbeatable price in next two weeks ,you can get in at $60 bucks.



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