Optical Toslink Cable 5.0mm Combo BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

I started to know the importance of having a good Optical Toslink Cable back to the day when I had my first audio stereo system, people will just go straight to the retail store like futureshop or bestbuy pick whatever toslink cable that they can get without even realized the time and cost that they will pick, and that was what I did. When I got back to my home place open the package of the 5.0mm optical toslink cable and plug in that into my device, at the first 10 seconds, the cable performed very well, until I found out that as long as you raise your volume, the sound quality became less clear and muffling, and that was the time when I realized that I had a bad cable. Generally, a good Toslink audio cable will provide you the cleanest possible, no matter if you are raising up or lower down the volume, since the optical cable is transferring the signal using the light technology, a good cable should not cause any RFI, EMI because that will be eliminated during the transmittion, and that is basically a MUST good feature to qualified as a good cable, with the cheap optical toslink cable which is currently selling for $8.49 included both a 15ft and a 3ft cables inside, you are basically SAVING lots more that you could ever imagine.


The Optical Toslink cable 5.0mm OD Audio Cable features a 5.00mm jacket which prevents corrosion at the same time enhance the overall durability which allows you use it for years. The gold-plated ferrule and molded strain will provide you the maximum protection for the tip of fibre  the cable itself will reduce the stress of connectors, the fiber tips is polished for better signal transfer and you will be able to use this tos-link cable for DVD, CD MD, DAT or other digital audio equipment  for the one who wants to experience the superb and accurate sound reproduction, you should definitely check out our site for the better cable model as well as cheaper pricing.



* Full sized male TOSLINK optical audio connectors at both ends
* 5.0 mm outside diameter
* Molded strain relief connectors reduce strain where the cable and connectors meet
* Gold plated ferrule resists corrosion and provides maximum protection for the connector tip
* Precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer
* Plastic tip protectors attached to each end to protect the optical cable when not in use

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