iPhone 5 Cute accessories- Mini Egg Horn Speaker

When I see this mini egg horn speaker, it reminds me of a popular cosmetic products- beautyblender sponge.

mini egg horn speaker for iphone 5

mini egg horn speaker for iphone 5


Too many cute styles and shapes silicone iPhone speaker I ‘ve seen, they are all fancy and funny.  But sometimes there is always some odd reasons that make you go with some remarkable accessories. I bought this “useless” egg speaker because similar look of that sponge. They two should be together and accompany me on my desk. $5 bucks ,  just for fun is not that bad for me.

mini egg horn stand for iphone5

mini egg horn stand for iphone5

Surprisingly, it does amplify music I played clearly. Well, literally, the best thing is the ringtone are easier to be caught even I was in another room. That’s the awesome party I like this speaker. Plus it also a cute stand for my iPhone, it delights me a lot when I doing my make up with my eautyblender every day morning.

Some iPhone accessories may not that smart and looks with high tech, but just bring much fun and good mood to me. Happiness is also simple like that, find something lighten your day actually won’t cost too much.


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