Introducing Premier Series XLR Cable

XLR cables are used in audio applications. Since it is wildly used in live shows and professional recording sessions, XLR cables are familiar by DJs and Digital Musicians. The circular connector has 3 pins are used to deliver balanced microphone and line-level signals over a certain distances. XLR cables are able to accomplish an original noise free balanced final audio signal from outside electrical interferences, even over long distances or near other electronic devices. Now offers you a 55%off discount on the 6ft premier series XLR Gold Plated 16AWG cable, aims to bring you the purest music this summer.

XLR Audio balance cable

XLR Audio balance cable

General speaking, XLR cables are balanced cables. Obviously, the most important quality of an XLR cable is that it is balanced. The three pins inside the circular connectors indicate positive, negative and ground. So when two balanced devices are connected, the XLR cable delivers a positive, a negative and a ground audio signal. The positive and negative audio signals are identical in every way; however, at the same time the noise has been inverted. As a result, the original audio signal is all you get. While most other cables are not able to allow mixing boards to deliver phantom power to microphones, XLR cables are used for most microphones which require a power source from the mixing boards. There is one last thing want to remind you that, always remember that before you are going to use this cable, make sure both devices on either end of the signal are balanced.

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