How to use Optical TOSLINK audio cables?

What is Optical TOSLINK in simple words?

It is one kind of cables developed by Toshiba, a standardized Optical fiber connection system. It is not like HDMI, TOSLINK does not have the capacity to carry the lossless versions of Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.
It is ideal for home theater receiver;such as, Digital signal processor, DVD/CD/DAT plaers, PS2/3, XBOX, and etc.

How to use Optical TOSLINK cables?

1 Remove the plastic protectors, the connectors should be shiny, metal, and gold.

2 Plug into the source device you have

3 Connect the other end into receiver.

If you are going to connect TOSLINK with your lap top, what the extra step is add one mini TOSLINK plug on your optical cable and insert to your laptop. Then connect the other end into receiver.

Optical-Toslink Audio-Cable

Optical-Toslink Audio-Cable


Since the TOSLINK is optical fiber, you’d be better not to bend it sharply so that the receiver doesn’t complain any with its great signal transmission.  And it does pretty good work let’s say: you are running a cable to a wall mounted TV, whatever the angle is harsh or you are expected the flexibility in this cable without breaking. Optical TOSLINK with snug connectors fit for this situation quite well.

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