How to Choose Your First Optical Toslink Cable?

The Toslink Cable (A.K.A optical digital audio cable) is nothing new but a specific cable which allows you to carry the digital audio signals from your audio equipment devices, the advantage of using this optical cable is to ensure you get better and clear sound wave than the traditional digital coaxial cables, and that is why this type of audio cable is pretty common for the people who wants to build their own home theatre which requires superior audio and video performances.

optical toslink cable picture

optical toslink cable picture

Unlike other audio cables, the optical toslink cable do not uses the cooper so the signals is going to be very stable without interference especially at long distance, and that is the reason the optical cables are a bit expensive than other cables. In general, the toslink cable do not really have signal differences across different types, no matter if you are talking about the expensive brands such as Monster cable or other generic brands, unless you do really have a professional sounding system, in most of the time, you won’t really realize the tiny differences between each cables because it’s uses the digital transmitting technology, the facts of the cable are only depend whether this cable works for your equipment or not, pretty much resemble to HDMI or other cables which uses digital signals.

optical audio cable

optical audio cable

Always keep in mind when you are about to choose your optical cable at the following:

  1. Length: depends on the distance where you connected, keep it as short as possible.
  2. Connector: Gold-plated or Metal plated or special type of coated connector is a plus, it will greatly enhance the durability of cable.
  3. Material of cable: whether it’s nylon outer layer coated or others, the thick of the cable does matter!!

The 10ft Premium Optical Toslink Cable w/ Metal Fancy Connector is one of the best cables that we recommend you to start with, this cable will provide you the most astonishing sound quality but the most important one of the cheapest price that you could ever get from the market, the quality and durability can be seen by its alloy metal connection which prevent corrosion, it also secuee the connector against the physical damages, in addiction, the outer layer is coated by the nylon string which enhance the overall durability, with its outside diameter up to 8.00mm thick, without mentioning its life-time guarantee quality features from, I am sure that this will be ultimate optical toslink audio cable for all of your sound system. 

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