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Almost each waterproof iPhone cases tagged themselves with dirt proof, dust proof, snow proof, any proves. Is it as magic as those AD shows to us? Somehow, I‘d rather try these products for checking authenticity more than real using.

We tested Lifeproof fre waterproof iphone 5 case few weeks ago, and now it‘s turn of the iOttie iPhone 5 waterproof skin.  As I see it, they are totally different two products.

First, obviously, it is not an iPhone 5 case, it is a skin which coating on the iPhone5 tightly. So I don’t think it is able to have dirt proof, snow proof at all. At least, I won’t bring my iPhone5 with that kind thin skin to outdoor events. Plus as the instruction said, iOttie waterproof skin is not intended for permanent water-resistance.



The advantage of iOttie iPhone 5 waterproof skins is thin. Users never have to bear some heavy and ugly cases anymore. We followed instruction and coated iPhone 5 with iOttie skin, threw it into a jar full of water. After almost 10 minutes, the phone still worked regularly. So iOttie waterproof skin is real water proof!  It’s safe while your iPhone coated with this skin near swimming pool or bath tub.

This waterproof skin has been certified by Japan Quality Assurance Organization for its waterproof capability; patented in Korea and has patent submitted in US for its unique and innovative design.

iOttie waterproof skins for iPhone5

iOttie waterproof skins for iPhone5


Personally, I thought iOttie iPhone 5 waterproof skins are ideal for a pampering night in the bath tub, or enjoy Jacuzzi in a spa center.  Never worries you iPhone 5 would slip to the water and freaky you out the rest day.

iOttie waterproof skins for iPhone5 including

iOttie waterproof skins for iPhone5 including

In addition, another advantage of iOttie waterproof skin is the price –$19.99, several times cheaper than other waterproof cases. And it will on sale this week on iPhonegala, which you will get it at $13.99. There are 2 packs included.




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