Things You Need to Check When Choosing a HDMI Cables for Your New Home

The all-in-one solution for connecting a video device to a TV set is the HDMI Cable. The first two letter HD is stand for high-definition. So you do not need any extra cables, one single HDMI cable is able to transfer both high definition video and surround sound audio. However, because of all the HDMI cable seems look alike, it is hard for us to tell the differences between them. In order to help you to have the best viewing experience, I will introduce you some simple way to select amount all the HDMI cable products. You can click here to browse our new cable website to have a brief idea about all kinds of HDMI cable selections.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

First you need to check if the HDMI cable is below to category 1 or category 2. The transfer speed for Category 1 HDMI cable is much slower than Category 2 HDMI cable; moreover, it cannot support the rate equal or more than 1080 HDTV. Category 2 HDMI cable support the fastest data transfer speed and rate for all high definition video. Secondly you can see if the HDMI cable has a locking mechanism that grips and holds into the video input of the TV set. Because a HDMI cable without a locking can be pulled out if there is any stain. The third is whether the HDMI support the “Deep color” mode. Since this mode allows the video signal to display all of the color from the video source. The last one is also the less important is the length of the HDMI is another important issue you should check. Since the longer length affects the strength of the video signal. Make sure the length of your HDMI cable is no longer than what is needed.


  1. Do not force the HDMI cable into the input that not belongs to a HDMI.
  2. Make sure the HDMI cable will not bing bent when connected.
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