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Hi 123ink fans, we are very happy to announce you that our web sites have been finally launched yesterday, this time, we are adding on more extra features, all the pages including product categories, layouts as well as shopping cart systems, all have been re-designed to ensure that the shopping experience will be satisfactory for our customers, for the people who have not try this out yet, feel free to click each individual site picture at the following to find out, trust me, it’s fun!

new page division

new page division

1)  A more specific searching site function:

As you log into our main web , you will see the new implemented 4 new tabs on the upper left, and each of them represent their own specific product categories which we had, the search function for the item will be more relevant, each individual design will be more coherent to the categories page. The 4 tabs will be shown in the following:

123InkCartridges- ink/toner cartridges

shopperplus 123inckartridges

shopperplus 123inckartridges a professional web site for specific cable, adaptor accessories the best page for all the mobile devices and accessories for other cheaper electronic gadgets or accessories directly ship from China.


2) A completed shopping cart system update:

shopper plus shopping cart

shopper plus shopping cart

We made a lot of changes for the shopping cart design, the idea is to give our customers a better understanding what did they actually ordered. You will be able to see the actually product pictures as well as the product names, and you will be able to see the break down final price for the whole order, and if you got a spare of coupon code to use, you will be able to apply in the left side, just to make sure you remember that this shopping cart system will be applied for whole the 4 new web sites, there is nothing that you need to worry about paying different sites from one to another.

I will keep it up to date, please stay tight with us!

shopping cart and order online

shopping cart and order online



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