iPhone 5 Accessories-LifeProof frē Water proof Cases for

I’ve got many many customers looking for a waterproof case for their outdoor campaign, or swimming activities. And most of them have below requirements; 100% water proof, light weight, tap-able.

lifeproof fre water proof case for iphone 5

lifeproof fre water proof case for iphone 5

Super light
Then Lifeproof frē would be the ideal choice, because I was surprised with its ultra light two interlocking pieces in my hands. It is even lighter than any regular iPhone cases.  And the question mark came out right away, is it a serious water proof case? Also with a clear plastic screen which looks that fragile?

lifeproof fre cases

lifeproof fre cases


100% water proof
It is side that take Lifeproof snorkeling up to6.6ft (2m). We’ve tested fre by its instruction, it works well in the bath, and there is also a headphone adapter included in the whole package, which doubles as a way to hold an extra protector plug. The headphone port is protected by a screw-in cover so that it could protect the deep port thoroughly. Of course, the cameras and flash are covered. The lightning connector has water-tight seals. So Lifeproof dose work for protection any water, snow, sand.


Lifeproof fre headphone adapter

Lifeproof fre headphone adapter


As many as your consideration, some waterproof case cannot tap regularly if there some water drop or vapor on the screen.  After we’ve test of Lifeproof fre, this thin clear plastic screen protector is much more sensitive than you thought. So it’s quite relax for you to use when you in a bath or in the beach.

There are many other iPhone water protectors we’ve got recently. I personally prefer to Lifeproof  fre. The super light weight is the vital advantages from other waterproof cases. Hope you will get one you like to protect your iPhone, and enjoy the whole summer.


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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  1. Ghostek says:

    Hi Andrew – thank you so much for reviewing this case. Have you had a chance to check out any of Ghostek’s products? I recently purchased this case: http://www.ghostekproducts.com/phone-cases/iphone/ghostek-atomic-iphone-6-plus-waterproof-case.html and I’m really happy.

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