How to Create a VGA to TV Cable

Want to watch your cable programs but do not have a Television?  You can make that happen by using another visual device and a coaxial to VGA converter. So your coaxial signal can be converting into a VGA signal that can be accepted by your monitor. For example if you want to watch cable programs by using a computer monitor and a coaxial to VGA converter. You need to follow the following steps.

coaxial to VGA converter

coaxial to VGA converter

First of all, connect one end of coaxial cable to the coaxial port on your converter. The next step is constructed the VGA coaxial cable by connecting VGA port to the VGA output port on your converter. Then you plug the other end of the coaxial cable into an output coaxial port on the digital cable box. And you plug the last VGA end into the port of your computer monitor. You are done! Just make sure the signal is sent to the cable box when it turned on. Turn on the monitor; you are able to enjoy the TV cable programs now. By the way, you can change the channels by your cable box controls. Simply click here to browse the right converter and cable you need in this situation.

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