How to Connect a Computer to an HDTV with HDMI

Watching movies and television shows on a computer can be straining to the eyes because of the size of the computer screen, however, this does not mean that individuals can sit back and accept their fate. This is probably the concept of connecting computers to HDTV has become popular all over the globe. HDTV basically come with a wider display and enables a person to watch high quality images as well as videos. The best solution to avoid straining of the eyes is to connect your computer to a High Definition television. The process is pretty simple and can be done by anybody provided that they follow the instructions to the letter. Learning how to connect a computer to an HDTV with HDMI is of essence in enjoying high quality pictures and videos.
How to Connect a Computer to an HDTV
The first thing that a person should do is turn on the computer and HDTV and connect the HDMI cables to the appropriate slots in the computer and HDTV. The windows will automatically detect the new output device. However, if it does not detect, then a person should right click the desktop and click the properties (windows XP). In windows 7 or windows vista, one should right click the desktop and click on “personalize”. One should then click on the display settings menu, click on the second screen, select a resolution and click ok. The next course of action is for you to select the TV or video button on your HDTV panel until you see the computer screen output.Click this link to order HDMI cable at special price today


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