5 Docks /Stands for iPhone

Here are 5 docks for iPhone from our website. I saw many of you were looking for simple style matches the iPhone design, or shared the pictures of fancy design accessories from others. I am certain that we have all the styles you are looking for; docks, charges or other mobile phone accessories. Whatever you choose from classic to practical, or functional, there is always one that you would like to have.

1. Ligthning 8pin Male to Female Desk Charger Dock for iPhone 5

5 docks for iphone-123inkcartridges

5 docks for iphone


2. Dexim Mhub Dock Station iPhone

This multifunction dock station designs slim and sleek. It help your reduce cable and device clutter on a desk by combining the features of several computer accessories in a single housing. The whole package includes this dock with 3-port USB Hub one SD card reader; and also 4 different cables that compatible to Sony, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia smart phones.  It also comes with a small quality bag which you could carry it anywhere. Better have one at home to satisfy  every family member who may has different branded smartphone.

3. Bluelounge MiniDock Upright charger for iPhone/iPod 

Bluelounge is well known by their chic and simple design. This mini dock allows users to charge and display their iPhone in an upright position in any electrical outlet without disorganized cords. This one is better be used with existing Apple USB power adapter. It is ideal for travelling and any coffee shops, offices. It is like a small stand also.  No longer will your iPhone or iPOd need to lay on a hotel room floor or take up space onte bathroom or kitchen counter.

4. Konnet iCrado PLUS Stylish Metal Stand/Dock for iPhone

This dock and stand easily catches user’s eyes by its distinctive metallic design. And we have many colors of Konnet iCardo which matches different colors iPod. The wide opening front makes you convenience to charge your devices without remove the case.  It is ideal put it in your working place.

5.emie Apple special charger cases

This is a charge case, cable management and iPhone holder. The cute style is full of imagination and much fun for your devices. It is ideal for those who are spending time in Café or Libaray.

Those are typical types of docks and chargers for iPhone you could find in the market. The principle to choose your dock and charger is where you mostly use. For travelling, home, office, or Café?




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