Introducing Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker

I love chicken soup and rice porridge, but I really do not enjoy the complicated hourly job of cooking them. Especially in summer time, the heat from the hot stove is killing. Plus it is kind of waste electricity. It has been a long time since I am searching for all kind of cookers out there available in the market; however, none of them meet my needs. A Japanese friend recommends me to choose a Thermal cooker. He told me that started by Thermos Shuttle Chef; use of thermal cooker for cooking became a boom in Japan. However, in North America it has not been that popular so it is impossible for people to get one in store yet. Fortunately I find it from online store, the Tiger Thermal Magic Cooker, it solves all my problems for this kind of long term cooking.

Tiger Thermal Magic cooker

Tiger Thermal Magic cooker

I used Tiger products before and always impressed by its quality. This Tiger Thermal magic cooker is relatively easy to use. It is simple as boiling the liquid and the ingredients. Just prepare everything you need, after 30 minutes on the stove, put it in the Thermal Magic cooker for the rest. The food actually cooks while kept in the thermal container. Moreover, it can keep warm up to 12 hours. When you come back at the end of the day for dinner, whatever you made is ready. For everyday meal for 1-2 people, 3.0L (you can fill up to around 2.0L-2.5L level) size is appropriate. 4.5L for bigger meals. For a family of 4-5, I would say 4.5l is good enough. 6.0l size or 8.0 sizes are for bigger food preparation such as whole chicken soup. The most amazing part is that Tiger Thermal Magic cooker does not need a power! Since I do not have to leaving a slow-cooker turned on while I am away for work, I feel much more comfortable and safer!

No need to worry about the cooking. I enjoy so much how Tiger uses its thermos technology to keep cooking food after taken it off the stove. This brings me good peace of mind and thrift! The material is pretty good and the thermal container is washable which is much more sanitary appealing. I am so glad that I bought this! It is clean and efficient. Tiger Magic Cooker definitely saves your time and more importantly the energy! You will be happy with no more cooking watch. And the result is fantastic! Click here to Order a Tiger magic cooker today, because you deserve a break!

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