How to Connect a Wii Using HDMI Connectors

The Wii console can be connected to an external display to provide a wide screen for playing games. One is required to know how to connect a Wii using HDMI to connect the external display and enjoy high dimension images. For one to get the best out of the game, they require to use a latest type of external connection with high dimension multimedia interface which offer quality images. Since the gaming console uses the Wii cable and one use an HDMI connector an adapter is used to link the mismatch in the connectors. The adapter can be obtained from the electronic stores.
How to Connect a Wii Using HDMI Connectors
Plug in the white and red audio Wii cables to the adapter according to their corresponding colors of the ports in the adapter. Plug in the yellow cable to the adapter in the responding port. Power on the Wii gaming console first and then power the external HDMI external display. Read the video adapter manual to be able to understand the procedure to follow when adjusting the aspects ratio and the screen resolution. When complete, the Wii gaming console home screen appear on the external display. To test on the connection open and play one game to see on the clarity of the display. The HDMI cable usually is preferred for the connection of external display since it provides high dimension images.

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