How to Connect a PS3 to A Laptop via HDMI

The laptop makes it flexible to move with it around and making it possible to carry out the various activities using it. For game lovers, they can carry the PlayStation 3 alongside the laptop. The dilemma that faces them is how to connect a PS 3 to a laptop via HDMI to enable them play their favorite game wherever they are. Since the laptop uses the DVI output and the PS 3 uses the HDMI input, the only possible way to connect them is by use of HDMI-to-DVI adapter. This cable enables the connectivity of the mismatched connecting cables. To begin with, both the ps3 and the laptop are powered off.
How to Connect a PS3 to A Laptop via HDMI
Locate the DVI port on the laptop which is usually found at the back between the USB and firewall port. Connect the DVI cable end of the adapter to the DVI output port of the laptop. Connect the HDMI end of the adapter cable to the HDMI input port of the PS3. Power the two devices starting with the laptop then the ePS3. To allow the connectivity of data received from the HDMI port of the PS 3 to the DVI port of the laptop, set the laptop to allow accept data receiving. One can then enjoy playing their games on the laptop wherever they are.

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