How to Connect A PC to a Television with a DVI-To-HDMI Cable

Most of the recent generation computers come with the option of digital video interface which links them to the external displays. However most of the television sets set in the market are high definition media interface. This brings a dilemma of how to connect a PC to a television set. The solution to making the connection of the two devices with different with input connection sections is the use of digital video-to-high definition media interface cable. The cable is available in major electronics stores. The personal computer and the television should first be powered off.
How to Connect A PC to a Television with a DVI-To-HDMI Cable
Connect the DVI cable on the DVI output port on the personal computer making sure of the lining up of the pins in the jack into the holes in the port. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI input port on the television set taking note of the numbered port used. Turn on both devices and press on the input button severally to access the HDMI port connecting the television to the personal computer. The screen resolution can be made on the computer to suit the resolution of the television set.

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