How to Connect a Computer to HDMI TV

Connecting your computer to HDMI TV allows individuals to view the contents of their computers on a sharper and much larger screen. The idea of watching movies and television shows on a computer is quite straining owing to the fact that a computer screen is much smaller as compared to a HDMI TV. This is probably the reason why many people want to learn how to connect a computer to HDMI TV. The first thing to do is to turn off the computer and examine the rear of the unit. One should then trace the cable that comes from the computers monitor to the back of the computer.

Cable hdmi dvi

Cable hdmi dvi

The next step is to connect the required HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the correct between the computer and the HDMI TV. One should then connect the HDMI cable from the television to the computer. After this is done, one should then boot the computer and configure the new display. The manual of your television will provide you with information on the refresh rates and the screen resolutions. The last step is to reboot the computer and apply the changes. One can then relax and watch his computer contents on a much bigger and sharper HDMI TV.

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