Ultra Slim HDMI Cable w/RedMere tech -A New Rage for Home Entertainment

ultra slim high performance HDMI Cable with RedMere VS.Regular HDMI cable 40 ft

HDMI Cable w/RedMere VS. Regular HDMI Cable 40ft

Introducing ultra slim series high performance HDMI Cable with RedMere technology, lose weight of your HDMI cables. Same length HDMI cables, with RedMere technology weigh as half as the regular cables, almost 3 times as thin. Let’s get a big picture of this new technology.

RedMere:  RedMere technology is a giant leap in the functionality and efficiency of HDMI cables. RedMere HDMI cable does not just pass the signals through the cable but enhance s the signal while keeping the wires as thin as possible.

  • Higher speed: up to 65feet/20meters at full 10.2s Gbps high speed HDMI data rate. Which regular cable is not able to support full 10.2 Gbps in that much length.
  • 3D video: Supporting the latest rage for both home theater and gaming. RedMere HDMI cables could meet all the high bandwidth requirements of 3D signals.
  • 4K digital: The 4k resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, four times of a 1080p display, which used sharpest digital cinema systems.
  • x.v. color: x.v.Color is a promotion name given to the products that the capability to realize a wide color space base and is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Nowadays, PS3 and AVCHD devices support x.v.color.
  • Eco-Friendly: using less 80% copper and PVC than regular cables.

Well, all above are the features of the new technology. Actually, the main difference between ultra thin and regular one is because there are individual chipsinside the HDMI cables. That chipset power signal itself in the cable to equalize the signal which requires extra power of the regular ones.

chipset of redmere hdmi cable

chipset in HDMI cable w/RedMere

Simply speaking, it means the circuit is adjusting the frequency so that the cable is a higher quality for a better video and audio.

Our site has 2 kinds of ultra think cable with RedMere technology; HDMI to HDMI, Mini HDMI to HDMI. We tried on HDTV ,the picture quality was just as good as the expensive high-end cable. And it also works fantastic on the mini HDMI port device such as tablet. Morevoer,these ultra-thin cables make cable management easier. Organizing them through furniture, around equipment, and taping them to walls becomes convenient to the users.

The price is little bit higher than regular one, but it 100% worth that money. Ultra thin HDMI Cables with RedMere technology is new rage for your home theater and entertainment. Price range in our web is around $20-$100 within 6ft-60ft.



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