Types of DVI Cables

A DVI (digital visual interface) is a socket found on a PC that connects to a monitor. It is a video only interface

DVI plug types

DVI plug types


DVI is one of the most common connection ports on large-screen (LCD) monitors. DVI has three types cables.

DVI-D cables are usually used for connecting a digital LCD monitor to a computer’s video card. You’ll have a speedier connection and higher image quality, up to 1080p in resolution. It looks similar with the traditioanl VGA cables in apprance.

DVI-A cable is for connect CRT monitors (old style of TV set or computer monitor) with a VGA, which will carry the DVI signal to the analog display.

DVI-I cables are used to transmit an analog or digital signal to a computer. Since this type of DVI cable is more versatile than the others, it can be used in either analog or digital connections.


HDMI & DVI Cables
Cable hdmi dvi

Cable hdmi dvi

A HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface. It supports 8 channels of 24-bit uncompressed audio 192kHz and video resolution of 4096 by 2160 pixels


DVI and HDMI both have 19 pins, so it is hard to recognize from the plugs some time. In addition, DRM or copy protection within a computer is enforced by high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) for DVI and HDMI interfaces.  

DVI existed before HDMI and is available on more Computer.The benefit of the DVI cable is less expensive than HDMI equivalents.


As said above, I guess most user would have DVI-D cable nowadays. So here mainly talking about the difference between HDMI cable and DVI-D cable. 

One of the most notable differences between HDMI and DVI-D is only HDMI can support audio. DVI-D is strictly a video format and cannot transmit any kind of audio. For converting an HDMI signal to DVI-D will need another kinds of cable, like component audio or TOSLINK. The other major difference between the two is HDMI supports a form of digital copyright protection called High Definition Content Protection (HDCP). This can make copying signals via HDMI impossible. DVI-D does not support any kind of similar copyright control method.

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