TheTalkyOne Novero Bluetooth Car kit Review

In a cool white slim shape is design, Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth phone speaker bring you a much safer life especially while you are driving. You can easily control every usage with one big rear-illuminated button. It allows phone calls and music to be managed with one press. You can even use this smooth, chic phone speaker as a desktop speakerphone for conference calls. It freedoms your hands and eyes with up to 15 hours of talk time. It is now available from our website, with the best price you have ever searched for.

Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Car kit

Novero TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Car kit

TheTalkyOne uses best-in-class DSP. With the latest in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, it gives you Crystal Clear Sound, and the volume is adjustable. If you are a music lover, it brings Your Music with You! Through stereo music streaming (A2DP 1.2), TheTalkyOne is able to stream music in multiple file formats from your phone or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player. Moreover, it is updateable! Text-to-speech function allows it to distinctly read text messages and announces the name of callers. You can even download other languages via USB. The Multi-point technology makes it possible to connect easily with 2 mobile phones. While you traveling with a companion, calls can be taken from either handset. It is compatible with all major Bluetoothe phones. With its versatile clip, TheTalkyOne can be affixed to your dashboard or clipped to your sun visor. Novero TheTalkyOne can be effortlessly mounted in any car, home or office interior. Disconnect your phone and TheTalkyOne turns itself off automatically after ten minutes.

TheTalkyOne Novero Bluetooth Car kit

TheTalkyOne Novero Bluetooth Car kit

Overall, it’s the best quality and the most reliable products. We are absolutely recommending it. Novero TheTalkyOne Universal Bluetooth Speakerphone is really wonderful top quality. Simply click here to order with us today.


Bluetooth Profile 2.1, Hands-free Profile 1.5, A2DP 1.2

multi compatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones like iphone, BlackBerry and Android devices as well as music players like ipod

excellent audio quality with full DSP

mounting flexibility: speakerphone supports various installation methods

talk-time: up to 15 h

standby time: up to 180 h

charges with micro-USB connector

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