Monster WH-930 Purity Stereo Headset Review

Nokia’s Purty Stereo HD headphones are manufactured by Monster. And now is available on our website. To match with your Nokia’s Lumia range of Smartphone, these headphones are available in black, white, pink and blue. It is fold-able, on-ear design with 40mm drivers, in-line call controls including a mic, and a 1.3-meter cable too. The quality and finish of the plastic used is very high, and completely smooth.

Purity Stereo Headset Monster WH

Purity Stereo Headset Monster WH

The design is impressive. They have a really classy and understated look that will not make you stand out too much. Despite the all-plastic design, they feel sturdier in hand. Not to mention their hinges and folding mechanism. With the supply of a nice protective rectangular semi-rigid carry case, which has a compartment inside for the cable. Monster Purty HD headphones can be folded for storage or transportation. It is worth mentioning that the Nokia Purity HD has a really impressive sound quality which is way better than any in-phone-retail-box pair of headphones. The low, Mids and Highs are brilliant, and never get drowned out by bass. The bass is good but it is not overpowering. (Not for the Bass heavy person.) They are especially for rock and metal lovers. With the massive improvement, even when you use them at full volume on public transport, there is only the smallest amount of sound leakage. For the “AV adapter” cable they supplied for the older devices, it is a flat “tangle-free” design with a 3.5mm headphone port on the left ear cup. Moreover, it has inline controls for volume, call and playback features, with a microphone incorporated as well.

Purity Stereo Headset Monster WH

Purity Stereo Headset Monster WH

Monster Purty Stereo Headset headphones are a must have for windows phone owners super stylish and with very clear pure quality sound. Personally I would recommend them to others. They are worth purchasing. Click here to order from our website today!


I would suggest putting them on at 1/2 volume to not over work them, this will therefore allow the drivers to produce a better sound.

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