Introducing X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker

X-mini KAI Bluetooth speaker is the coolest offering from Singaporean manufacturer X-mini. Now it is available in our website. X-mini KAI is smaller and more versatile. It is about 2.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall, with a rubbery smooth-touch.  You are able to using the X-mini KAI speaker up to eight hours, no matter on a Bluetooth connection or a mini-USB cable. It will start to beeps about five minutes before it died. At the bottom of X-mini KAI logically and thoughtfully pack everything: power / Bluetooth / wired audio switch, 1/8-inch input, mini-USB connection for audio and charging, mute button, audio / phone controls, status indicator LED, a tiny mic port, and a built-in 1/8-inch male audio connector with a five-inch tether.

XMI® X-mini KAI Bluetooth speaker with Mic Bk

XMI® X-mini KAI Bluetooth speaker with Mic Bk

Since X-mini KAI Capsule speaker have enough built-in connections and wired, you can simply throw it into your bag and “Audio Everywhere”. It is small light and includes a built-in strap opening. So with just a small rubber band you can attach it to anywhere you need. Despite its size is just like a tiny baseball, you will be surprised that the sound can be as loud as our MacBook Pro speakers. Moreover, appreciate to the Bluetooth technology. It makes X-mini KAI Capsule speaker much more functional. With X-mini KAI’s built-in Bluetooth module, it’s capable of delivering unmistakable high quality sound from a paired device.

Why not starting today? Get your new X-mini KAI Bluetooth speaker from our website, you can enjoy it while you are hiking or bicycling, with no limit at all.

40mm Drivers gives you that extra edge over 36mm drivers when it comes down to sound quality. It’s not that 36mm are bad, it’s just that we’ve made 40mm better!

Bluetooth-equipped Play your favourite tunes from any Bluetooth-equipped device while you control tracks and volumn wirelessly from the X-mini KAI™ Capsule Speaker™.

Built-in microphone function to allow for hassle-free conference calls.

Bluetooth Dongle The X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker can act as a Bluetooth dongle to the rest of your X-mini Capsule Speakers and also all other wired audio products.

Rechargeable battery The built-in lithium ion battery is rechargeable via USB and offers an impressive playback time.

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