iHealth® iBaby Monitor Review

While you out on occasion, are you anxious because you do not know whether is your baby, aged patient, and even dog is resting and safe? Do you always want a monitor that you could have a peek on them from anywhere on your iPhone/iPod touch/IPad? iHealth® iBaby Monitor give you that opportunity to “spy” on them. It is now is available from our website.

iHealth® iBaby Monitor for iPhoneiPod touchiPad

iHealth® iBaby Monitor for iPhoneiPod touchiPad

Setup iBaby Monitor is just a snap. Only 4 incredibly simple steps and you can start using it right away. You need to set it up on the PC first with an Ethernet cable running from the monitor to the modem / router and then once this is done you need to download the app for iPad / iPhone app and do it wirelessly. If you unplug it to move it, no re-setup needed. It starts working right away. iBaby Monitor is a cool app-enabled monitor. With A software update, you are able to lock the camera in place. Moreover, you can also use multiple monitors at once, on one device. Good picture quality and sound, excellent night vision. You can turn and rotate the camera easily, even take cute pictures too! Hook it up with a speaker, as long as you had a signal on my iPhone or IPad, it allows you to speak as well as listen. It works very well on 3G as well as WIFI. It has a real time video when you are using your own network. About a 1 sec delay when you try to view from another network.

iHealth® iBaby Monitor for iPhoneiPod touchiPad

iHealth® iBaby Monitor for iPhoneiPod touchiPad

iHealth® iBaby Monitor is a true God Send for your family. It’s perfect for monitoring a room while you are away. It is an excellent product that can be 100% reliable. It makes your mind so much relief and peaceful. Simple click here to order it from our online store. Not to mention our free shipping. With its perfect performance amount all the other Brand monitors, you will definitely love it.


If you had minor issues with connecting, a simple reboot usually solves all issues.If you feel inconvenient to plug the camera into your wireless router, try to plug into a WIFI rang extender. It should work great!

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