How to Connect Acer Aspire One to TV via VGA

Acer aspire one uses VGA connection as output to connect to external displays. Old television offer RCA input option to while the new generation offer HDMI connector support. One need to know how to connect Acer aspire one to TV via VGA to be able to beat the connectivity mismatch. When carrying out the connection one need identify the type of input used by the television they are using. If the television set is using an HDMI connector, obtain a VGA-to-HDMI adapter and when the television set is using RCA connector a VGA-to-RCA adapter should be obtained.
How to Connect Acer Aspire One to TV via VGA
Plug in the RCA end of the adapter to the input RCA port of the television and the VGA fastened to the laptop when using VGA-to-RCA adapter. When using HDMI-to-VGA adapter connect the HDMI end of the cable to the HDMI input of the television and the VGA fixed to the VGA port. The VGA cable should be fastened to the port with the provided screws since when left loose it gives poor quality of the images on the screen. Power the television and make settings to the input the Acer aspire laptop was connected. The laptop is then set to determine how the TV is going to be used; either as a mirror or extension of the laptop’s screen.

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