How to Connect a PS3 to a PC via HDMI Cable

When one does not have a television screen and have a personal computer, they can still enjoy playing their favorite PlayStation game on the personal computer. What they require is learning how to connect a PS 3 to a pc via HDMI cable. The PS 3 is high definition multimedia interface enabled while most computers are digital video interface enabled. To complete the mismatch in connection cables a special adapter is needed to link the two. The high definition multimedia interface-to-digital video interface adapter is the one required. To begin the connectivity, the ps3 and the personal computer must be powered off.
How to Connect a PS3 to a PC via HDMI Cable
Plug in the digital video interface cable end of the adapter to the DVI input of the personal computer. Connect the high definition multimedia interface cable end of the adapter to the HDMI input port of the personal computer. Start by powering on the personal computer followed by the PS 3. Set the personal computer to accept the connection of the data from the HDMI port of the ps3 to the DVI port. Adjustment of the screen resolution and the images view can be made on the personal computer. When properly connected, the PlayStation 3 can be used to play with the display being on the personal computer.

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