How to Connect a PS3 to a Laptop Using HDMI to DVI Cable

The demand for high definition multimedia has brought about technological innovation for different display options. The various connectivity options available in the market may or may not support specific hardware such as the PlayStation 3. Due to the need for connectivity there have emerged diverse connectivity cables that allow the mismatched connections to be made effectively. The gaming lovers would need to know how to connect a PS3 to a laptop using HDMI to DVI cable. The connection can be made easily and quickly using the HDMI to DVI cable to make connection between the PlayStation 3 and the DVI enabled laptop.
HDMI to DVI Cable
Locate the HDMI port on the PlayStation 3 and connect the HDMI end of the HDMI to DVI cable. Locate the DVI port of the laptop which is usually found at the back between the firewall and firewall ports and connect the DVI end of the HDMI to DVI cable. Power the PlayStation and the laptop. Set the laptop to accept data from the PlayStation. This is important to allow data to be received from the HDMI port of the PlayStation to the DVI port of the laptop. One can then enjoy their favorite game on the laptop screen.

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