How to Connect a PC to a MAC Using Via USB Cable

When one want to share files between a Mac and a PC, the need to learn how to connect a pc to a Mac using USB cable.  In the past this was not possible because of the incompatibility of the two machines. By using the USB cable one can connect the two machines and simply drag files from one computer to the other. The Mac-to-PC USB cable has both of its ends similar. This means that either ends of the sixteen foot long cable can be connected to any of the machines. Start by plugging one end of the USB cable to the Mac.
How to Connect a PC to a MAC Using Via USB Cable
The other end of the cable is connected to the pc. Since the software drivers are in-built into the cable, they install automatically when the second connection of the cable is made. On the Mac an icon of the pc is displayed on the desktop. One can drag and drop the files they want to transfer to the pc on the icon. When one want to transfer the files from the pc to the Mac, one need to click on my computer icon of the pc and the Mac is displayed as either drive E or drive D. drag the icons to be transferred into that icon.

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