How to Connect a Macbook to a TV with HDMI Cable and Use it as a Monitor

For a large image viewing from the Macbook, one can connect it to a TV. This has an added advantage since the images viewed on the TV has a high resolution meaning they are of high quality. The Apple Macbook is usually bought with mini-DVI input. When one want to connect to external displays with HDMI input, they need to use special adopter to complete the process. To be able to enjoy the advantages that come with the use of TV as an external display, one needs to know how to connect a Macbook to a TV with HDMI cable.

Before commencing on the connection, both the Macbook and the TV should be switched off. The mini-DVI cable from the adapter is connected to the Macbook’s mini-div output port. The mini-div port is found in between the firewall and the USB ports. The HDMI end of the adapter’s capable is connected to the input HDIM port of the TV. Switch on the power starting with the TV followed by the Macbook. The Macbook usually detects its connection with the TV automatically. The Macbook images are then displayed on the TV screen. The TV can then be used as external display for the Macbook.

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