How to Connect a Mac Computer to a TV

Connecting a computer to the television has become a common practice nowadays to enable displays viewed on the large TV screens. When one owns a Mac, they need to know how to connect a Mac Computer to a TV. The connection made better by the support of multiple displays provided by OSX and OS9 and the hardware shipped with the Mac computer. First one need to determine the connection cables to use to make the connection. This usually varies depending on the type of Mac and the television model to use. The large number of analogue television uses VGA cables while the high definition usually has DVI or HDMI ports. The Mac offers DVI/mini-DVI, VGA and or HDMI ports.

Connect the Mac to the television using both the video and audio wires starting with video. One can either opt to connect the audio wire to the TV and watch images on it, while having sound from the Mac built in speakers. Set the TV to the input mode that was set for output in the Mac. The Mac computer recognizes the television as a new display and one can begin to output audio and video. The images played on the Mac will then be displayed on the TV set.

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