Delux iStation Wireless Bluetooth keyboard converts iPad to FULL NOTEBOOK

There are many slim, light weights, keyboard for iPad in the market we’ve seen so far. Almost all of them claim that it would convert your iPad to notebook just in seconds. But the customers still found notebook could not be substituted by only added a keyboard for iPad.

delux istation

delux istation wireless bluetooth keyboard for iPad

Delux iStation Wireless Bluetooth keyboard could be the solution for you. Make your iPad a FULL NOTEBOOK by docking it on.

 The biggest difference make it outstanding from other iPad keyboards is the functional interface.

1. Most keyboards for iPad do not have cards slot and video outputs on, so that they could not switch iPad to be a full notebook. Delux has SD/TF card slot, HDMI, AV, USB, MICRO USB slot in its back. Watching movies in big screen via HDMI/AV output, import DV by USB port, SD/TF card synchronously share them with others on laptop by micro USB.

delux istation functional interface

delux istation video output/ hdmi/card reader/av

2. Consider about the portability and size, some of the iPad keyboards omit some keys we using rarely. Delux has 82 keys just as many as most laptops do. iStation keyboard uses crater keycap design and is waterproof.  Compare to other iPad keyboard, iStation taps comfortable and with better elastic,make sure the user would have a good typing experience. Just white stains easily.

delux istation keytap

delux istation crater keycap design

And there are multifunctional shortcut keys in order to convenient operation of Apple application. In addition, iStation offer customers comfortable typing experience without sacrifice the full-size of (253MM) keyboard.


The simple and elegant design from Denmark also makes Delux more attractive to users. The appearance of iStation matches to the Apple style. Plus it made by aluminum and plastic, some part of it is baked lacquer.It is definitely chic with you. The lightweight (less than 500g) iStation also serve as a protection cover.

delux istation to go

delux istation to go

3.There is an embedded 30pin sync cable in the back of the iStation, it also comes with one Micro USB cable with the whole package.

delux istation back

delux istation back with 30 pin sync cable

Using Guide

Pairing BT

Dock your iPad on, open Bluetooth of your iPad, and turn ON the iStation. You will see the BT light flash for 3 seconds. Then press the Connect bottom on iStation. And choose Delux PK01 Bluetooth Keyboard for Pairing iPad and iStation. Clicks connect and enter the code show on the screen. Enter–> Finish.

istation bluetooth

Delux iStation BTconnection

Import Pictures, videos and other files

Connect your iPad by sync cable in the back of your iStation. Find DC-SUITE(HDMI+AV) in General. Then insert your SD card to iStation, and all the videos and photos under the FILE DCIM will show on the screen.  Then you could delete, import pics here.

istation import pics

Delux istation import pics

istation import pic

Delux iStation import pics

Synchronize iPad to Entertainmnet Devices via iStation 

Connect your iPad by 30 pin sync cable in the back of iStation, and then connect HDMI cables between you iStation and TV, choose the corresponding HDMI signal. The screen on iPad will automatically synchronize to the TV. And there is no time lag problem, enjoy your movie, music and games  just as play as on your iPad.

delux istation hdmi

delux istation hdmi

And Delux iStation is compatible with iPad 2.Also the new iPad, others like iPad,iPhone,iPod are also could be sync on. More Information 


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