Brother LC61 Compatible Ink Cartridges for $3.20 ONLY?!!

We made a promo video yesterday for the Brother LC61 compatible cartridges and we had a lot of fun with it, it was a bit time consuming since I was not really a natural public speaker, but I am glad that I had finally made it even through that was actually an one- minute video, I hope that you guys might like this video and find it useful by clicking the following and feel free to let me know what do you think about it.



The idea of promoting the Brother LC61 Compatible ink cartridges is pretty simple, 1) the price is much cheaper, 2) it supports a lot of Brother printer models 3) You got lightening fast shipping so you won’t need to go to the local store again. There are still lot of people who did not know the concept of compatible ink cartridges and how much money that you can save from using that, by defining my point of view, I am not saying that using original manufacture cartridges are WRONG and EVIL! Of course it’s not!! I am just try to point it out some alternatives especially for the people who like me only print simple document without the need of complicated color processing such as what the advertising company level usually did, if you are really looking for solid way to cut off your printing cost by let’s say 50% or even 60%, then using the compatible ink cartridges will be the optimum solution, it’s not just good for your wallet  moreover, it will also reduce the cost of plastic consumption where most of the manufacture only produce one cartridges per one printer model, which I found are totally unnecessary if you are on the environment’s side.

How much cheaper the Brother LC61 ink can be? Well, you can imagine that if you used to an ordinary Brother LC61 ink cartridges for approximately $24 and now $3.20 for the compatible lc61 ink, isn’t that sound CRAZY to you? Without even mentioning our FREE shipping policy as well as our customer service team, I am sure that you are not just saving money for the cartridges itself but much more, for more information regard to how to order our cartridges online, check here for the detail information>> 

Brother LC61BK New Compatible Black Ink Cartridge   Compatible Printers

 Brother DCP-165C   /  Brother DCP-375CW   /  Brother DCP-385CW   /  Brother DCP-395CN   /  Brother DCP-585CW   /  Brother DCP-J125   /  Brother MFC-250C   /  Brother MFC-255CW   / Brother MFC-290C   /  Brother MFC-295CN   /  Brother MFC-490CW   /  Brother MFC-495CW   /  Brother MFC-5490CN   /  Brother MFC-5890CN   /  Brother MFC-5895CW   /  Brother MFC-6490CW   /  Brother MFC-6890CDW   /  Brother MFC-790CW   /  Brother MFC-795CW   /  Brother MFC-990CW   /  Brother MFC-J220   /  Brother MFC-J265w   /  Brother MFC-J270W   /  Brother MFC-J410W   / Brother MFC-J415W   /  Brother MFC-J615W   /  Brother MFC-J630W  

OEM Model





1 Ink Cartridge


New Compatible

Shelf Life

2 Years


Ink Cartridge


up to 450 pages


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