When is St. Patrick’s Day in Canada and What Do We Do?

st patrick day canada

st patrick day canada 

According to Wikipedia or some other sources, the St Patrick’s Day is one of the public holidays which commonly celebrate in many Canadian provinces, so when do we celebrate St Patrick’s Day? In 2013, this holiday will be celebrated on March 17, which precisely on Sunday, so perhaps everyone will be able to take some break, and having chance to go on some St Patrick’s Day show on the street, there are plenty of things that you can do on that day instead of staying home, trust me it’s worth it !

The St. Patrick’s Day is basically a commemoration for a well known missionary which is named “St Patrick or saint Patrick”, who works in Ireland and had play an important factor for converting the native people in Ireland into Christianity, the reason why we celebrate on March 17 is because that is the day when he died, so we made this day his memoria day and we use that as an opportunity to celebrate the partial Irish culture.

What people do on St Patrick?

If you are living around cities such as Toronto or Montreal, you will realized that there is huge wave parades on street on March 17, since those cities have a lot of percentage of population which came from the Irish background, so celebrating the Irish culture will be one of the traditional events in which you will see the national emblem- the clover, the green color decoration, Irish music as well Irish dishes, all the guest must be expected to custum full green color cloth for attaining to the event, of course drinking will be another big activity that you might see on the street. Even through this date has been commonly announce as holiday, however the government, stores and many organization s are still going to open, equal to the public transportation, so if you currently a new immigrant to Canada or people who prefer stay inside your house on Sunday, you should definitely take a chance and go on the streets to have some amazing picture, I am sure that your mood will be absolutely chilled!

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