Syncing Your Computer with iPad Cable

It can be rather simple to set up and sync your computer as long as you have the proper iPad cable. The computer you are syncing to should already have iTunes installed. As long as this program is already installed the syncing process should go pretty easily. It won’t take too much time to transfer all of your photos, videos and contacts from your desktop to the Apple. Usually the initial sync will take less than an hour. After that it will take much less time to sync them.
Syncing Your Computer with iPad Cable
Using your iPad 2 cable connect your Apple computer to your desktop. The Apple always comes with this standard USB adaptor; this is what will be used to sync it with your desktop computer and it will also be used to charge it. Once you have the two connected with the iPad cable, the charging will automatically begin.

The first time you connect the two devices it will ask if you want to connect to iTunes. You will also need to enter all of the details to access your iTunes account. If you are using Wi-Fi or G it may prompt you to sign up for a particular data plan. Just follow the prompts until you get to the point where it asks you about syncing the two devices. Once you choose to sync the devices you will have to apply the settings. After the two are synced you can unhook the iPad cable and enjoy your computer.

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