Participate Earth Hour 2013 with 123InkCartridges on March 23!!!

Earth hour 2013 canada

Earth hour 2013 canada

Earth Hour is one of the most influential events which bring up to massive population to come all together for taking actions regard to environmental issues such as global warming or climate change. Since its released back to the year 2007, earth hour event now has successfully inspired millions of people which came across to all the 152 different countries, all the people who wish to celebrate this greatest event will turn the light off for about an hour during the month on March which symbolizes the concern of environment, this year, we 123InkCartridges would love to announce this event to show our concern to the environment, we are sincerely inviting you to join us on March 23 Saturday between 8:30pm-9:30pm, the participation of this event will show to the public a powerful message, if all the fans could join us, then, we can make a difference for changing the world.

what is earth hour

what is earth hour







When is the Earth Hour 2013? 

Saturday, March 23 
8:30pm – 9:30pm 
(wherever you are)

Earth Hour might be one of the highly visible symbolic event which you rarely find among any other holidays, every year, hundred of millions of business and individual around the world, have been requested for support this largest environmental event ever in our history, it brings people who shared with different identities, culture and religion all come together to fight against with the climate change, even through turning the light off for only an hour will not really solve the main problem, however, it advocates and bring out the concern that people are start to aware to these issues, this strong global message will eventually generate some positive impacts to the environment in the large-scale instead of just speaking to individual little by little, trust us, if we all have the belief for building a healthier environment which is much more eco-friendly, then we can definitively stop the big thread of climate change before it run out too late. We highly suggestion you to participate this event with us on March 23 (can be local time no matter where you are) for saving the environment ! For more information, check here>>

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