Lexmark Cartridges with Lexmark Return Program

Lexmark 64015HA OEM

Lexmark 64015HA OEM

As a professional ink toner retailer so far for 5 years, the question where to throw or recycle the used toner would be top 5 FAQ we‘ve answered.

Now Lexmark offer return program cartridges for their customers. Currently, they haven’t covered the entire Lexmark printer, but the choices among them are families.

What’s the Lexmark Return Program Cartridges?

Those Lexmark cartridges under the return program are cartridges only used once with the customer’s exchange agreement, they only return to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling. So they sold at discount price verse the regular price Lexmark cartridges.

Here is the list of Lexmark Return Program Toner 123inkcartridges has

Lexmark 64015SA OEM Black Return Program Toner Cartridges

Lexmark 64015HA OEM Black Return Program Toner Cartridge High Yield

Lexmark 64004HA OEM Black Return Program Toner For Labels High Yield

Those are all compatible for   Lexmark T640   /  Lexmark T640dn   /  Lexmark T640dtn   /  Lexmark T640n   /  Lexmark T640tn   /  Lexmark T642   /  Lexmark T642dn   /  Lexmark T642dtn   / Lexmark T642n   /  Lexmark T642tn   /  Lexmark T644   /  Lexmark T644dn   /  Lexmark T644dtn   /  Lexmark T644n   /  Lexmark T644tn  

This Program is definitely a way to protect our environment, and solve the problems most customers have. Where we recycle the empty toner cartridges? This return program is also for those regular cartridges. Lexmark does have the Cartrdige Collection Program to return empty cartridges for reuse and recycling.


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