How to Connect an HP Laptop to an Hdmi TV

Connection of a HP laptop to a HDMI TV is necessitated by the fact that there might come when a person wants to watch the contents of his laptop on a much bigger display. In so far as a laptop is portable and provides an all in one computer experience, it’s very inconvenient when a person wants to watch movies, pictures and even television shows. This is informed by the fact that the screen of the laptop is too small and therefore causes straining to the eye.  Many people want to learn how to connect an HP laptop to an HDMI TV because of the fact that they can watch high quality pictures and videos on a much wider display. The good news is that the process is pretty simple and all that a person needs to do is follow a few instructions as outlined by technicians or manuals. The first thing that a person should do is check the ports on the side of the laptop.
How to Connect an HP Laptop to an Hdmi TV
This is informed by the fact that ports vary and therefore it’s of paramount importance to check so as to find the appropriate cable to use. Next one needs to get the appropriate cable and connect it to the port on the laptop. The other end of the cord should then be connected at the back of the HDMI TV. One should then turn on the HP laptop and enable the external monitor function. This can be done by pressing “Fn” or the function button “F5”. The last step is to basically turn on the TV and press the video or TV input on the remote. This makes it possible for a person to view the contents from the laptop on a HDMI TV.

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