How to Connect an Hdmi TV with an Av Receiver

An HDMI television is a high definition television that basically receives both digital audio and video through a single cable instead of separate cables. Televisions that use this kind of technology have been known to produce high resolution pictures as well as quality videos. In a nutshell, HDMI TV basically offer uncompressed quality picture and sound. This has served to propel them to greater heights of success across the globe. What’s more? HDMI televisions contain jacks that can be used to connect to other electronic devices such as DVD players, VCRs  and AV receivers. How to connect an HDMI TV with an AV receiver is the major concern of many people who own the two devices. In order to connect the two, one needs a high quality HDMI cable as opposed to component cables. The first step is to basically power off the television and unplug the electrical cable.
How to Connect an Hdmi TV with an Av Receiver
The second step entails turning the television around so that the back of the television is facing. This is basically to make the connection work easy. Third step is to turn off the AV receiver and unplug the power cable. One should then plug one end of the HDMI cable into the port at the back of the AV receiver and the other end into the port at the back of the HDMI television. The next course of action is to turn both the television and AV receiver on and adjust the settings that allow input from the HDMI port. One should then be ready to hear the audio from the receiver on the television.

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  1. Divina Wiltrout says:

    An average 2.1 sound system does not require the power or sophistication provided by a receiver and the results are for everyone to see. Damp low tones and weak highs are annoying to most audiophile who has high tastes in music cannot tolerate such performance from their home theatre systems which is why they insist on buying an AV receiver of the highest quality. Sans the amplification only two channels and the subwoofer works whereas with the receiver in the scene, sound starts streaming out of all the channels including those that you never existed unless!

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