How to Check Hdmi Cable Signal on a Television After a Storm

The HDMI cable signal might be affected by a variety of factors leading to a person receiving poor image, sound and video quality. A lightning for instance might affect the quality of the audio as well as that of the video. How to check HDMI cable signal on a TV that has been struck by lighting is the question that most individuals grapple with. It’s imperative to note that lightning storms pose a risk to the electrical appliances in one’s home. A power surge created as a result of lighting can run through the outlets and fry the inputs of one’s television. How to check the HDMI cable signal on your TV after a storm is therefore the major concern of many people across the globe. the first thing one need to do is to locate the HDMI input on the rear of the TV.

One should then insert the HDMI cable fully into the port if it had not been inserted earlier or if it had been unplugged prior to the storm. The next thing is for a person to find the HDMI port on the rear of the cable box and insert the end of the cable into the port. The third step is to basically turn on the TV and press the “input” button until the HDMI input is selected. If the cable signal hasn’t been affected, then the image from the cable box should appear on your TV. However, if one is not receiving or getting any signal to your set-top box, then it’s highly advisable that you call the customer service of your cable provider.

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