Get the Earth Hour Brochure or Engagement Toolkit Today!!!

download the earth hour brochure 2013

download the earth hour brochure 2013

Have you got your earth hour brochure already, if you are not, then you probably should. From my previous blog I did mentioned about the earth hour event which is happening in tomorrow, however, the concept of the earth hour 2013 event is not to solve the problem but rather, to bring out the public awareness and concern toward to these issue, because in reality, this is a long battle and there is no way for you to solve such huge problem within just a single day, that is why it is always good to download this earth hours and engagement toolkit to understand more info about climate change, global warming statistically, as well as the solution what do we have now, what did and what will we do in the future, this brosure will show you practical steps how to we adopt more sustainable solution, this toolkit will be a great way for your organization as well as individual ot bring a positive environmental changes, the following list are the materials that covered inside.

earthhour 2013

earthhour 2013 

  1. An earth hour branded box which is designed for recycling purpose material pencil case, picture frame and also a plant pot, if you are applying as an organization, you will be able to add the company logo.
  2. The most important thing, the earth hour brochure which contains the energy, water as well as other sustainable solution to teach us how to preserve our natural sources more efficient, since it is tearable, you will be able to post this on the office board to raise up the concern and educate your employee how to save our planet better.
  3. You will also have the earth hour T-shirt, and a glowing wrist band to support the earth hour in the dark during the day of March 23.

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