Free Earth Hour Activities for Kids 2013

Earth Hour is coming soon. It is time to prepare some activities for our kids. Billions of people around the earth are expected to take part in Earth Hour 2013. 1 hour event of 2013 takes place on Saturday, March 23th at 8:30 afternoon. local time. At school, the teachers can discuss environmental problems with children. At home, parents can tell our kids why our earth becomes more and more warm. Earth Day give us a wonderful opportunity. Free Earth Hour Activities for Kids 2013 are following:
Earth Hour Activities for Kids
A lot of educational, online funny games and free downloads activities in honor of the Annual events are available for children of all ages.

  • Play Lights Out Game – There are many great kid things to do in the dark. ex. cards by candlelight, playing blocks,origami, singing and playing guitar, and so on
  • Collect circular lights Game – Try your best to collect as many circular lights as you can
  • Earth Hour for Kids – Earth Hour official site offers the good opportunity to get the children involved. This site provide a lot of information and facts from games and climate experts, all kinds of helpful information and animal fun for teachers and parents. provide a coupon code to celebrate Earth Day. You can get 10% Off for your purchase. Coupon code is 10happy2013

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