Earth Hour Background 2013: Let`s all Work Together!

earth hour background 2013

earth hour background 2013

Hint: Before you read this article, feel free to download the earth hour background and spread this message as far as you can.

Are you excited about the upcoming Earth hour 2013 on March 23? At least I do, there will be hundred and millions of people celebrating this greatest events all together, no matter if you are business, government as well as the individuals, no matter if you are currently reside at Canada, United State as well as well as Asia, the earth hour team will be glad if you can spend one hour of your time between 8:30-9:30pm and turn all your light and electricity off symbolize for the concern and support to the on-going climate change issues, at the same time, we wanted to let you know that 123InkCartridges will also participate the earth hour event as a member who live in this earth, let’s all work together and bring out this strong message to all the public as far as we can, the large scale events will only ensure that the better awareness how we concern about our environment, join our earth hour team all together and become an advocate for our earth.

download the earth hour background 2013 to promote the message

download the earth hour background 2013 to promote the message


Thing that you can do to support the TEAM earth hour:

  1. Participate the event on March 23, 2013 (tomorrow)during 8:30-9:30pm
  2. Retweet our earth hour 2013 message by clicking the link here
  3. Check our Facebook earthhour post on our facebook page and SHARE it on your wall
  4. Download the earth hour background 2013 pictures, share it everywhere you can
  5. Use the least energy as you can, and always remember to turn off the light whenever you are not using it!

Let’s all work together! 

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