What Is a Compatible Toner Cartridge? What Are We Looking For?

Everyone must know that a toner cartridges is more than simply a container of ink which used for support the circulation of ink so you will be able print your document fluently, however, not all of the people can recognize the differences by telling what is a compatible toner cartridges? OEM toner cartridges or remanufacture toner cartridges. Mostly, for the both compatible toner cartridges as well as the remanufacture one, we all often refer it as third party toner cartridges, which is quite obvious because those are not made by the original manufacture company, so now this is where the dispute come from, since most of the compatible toner cartridges support multiple printer models with the same type of cartridges, this has become an advantage point in which the consumers might save a lot of cost by actually using one toner for many without even bother going to the local stores.

compatible toner cartridges

compatible toner cartridges

By taking perspective from the OEM companies, this is a huge profit lost because the arising compatible cartridges sales inside the market , so basically what they are trying to do is, they will try every method to stop the compatible or remanufacture toner cartridges market by giving negative impressions, which is very understandable, in addition, big brands always have contracts with the local distribution so that is another reason you will never seen big company like best buy or futureshop selling compatible toner cartridges, that is not gonna happening tho, in my opinion, I do not believe the concept of toner cartridges monopoly, in fact, I would rather choose to stay with the consumer side,  the multiple competition between markets will only ensure the consumers like us enjoy with benefits, the more variety type printer cartridges we have in the market, the better quality as well as pricing that we are going to get eventually.

But the reality is always disappoint, we are only here to allow the big company to change their prices no matter how much the price is, from them, we are limited or literary being forced to use certain type of toner cartridges, even under the same brand but different printer models, we will have to obligate by using their so called generic toner cartridges even we knew that the material inside is exactly the same components, the company can just change design, flip around and make a new model year by year, change chips which promptly to notify you when should you change your toner cartridges even your cartridges ink level is not actually finished yet, and the worse, to discontinue the toner cartridges production in a few years so you will have no choice but to buy a brand new printer and use a brand new toner cartridges for doubling up the profit, thankfully, the existence of compatible cartridges have break through all the rules by offering choices, from now you can use one toner model for many printers under same brand, you save the plastic usage during the process of production at the same time more eco friendly because some compatible/remanufacture toner cartridges are actually uses the cartridges case cover which designed by OEM and they just refill it, so it made life become easier, and the most important thing, you save a lot of money that you could ever imagine.

differences between OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges

differences between OEM, compatible and remanufacture cartridges

In addition to the printing quality as well as compability, I have personally seen so many videos and articles talk about the leaking and printing problem for the OEM brands, so I guess this is not really depend what type of toner cartridges that you are using but rather, how do you use them before causing trouble, this is a very important point to know because, as you may know that, the chip and powder inside thetoner cartridges could be somehow problematic, it can be damaged because the infrastructure of printer, weather condition, method of transportation, hardware, software and even how much capacity that your printer was printing, so for me there is no much absolute argument to prove that whether OEM toner cartridges or compatible toner cartridges is better, this is perhaps a personal choice depend to what you are really looking for.

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