Design your own Photo Magnet with Ease + More creative accessories All in One!

magnet sheet 2

magnet sheet 2

magnet sheet

Have you ever thought about design your own photo magnet and give that to the person you loved? With our doiy® Adhesive Magnet Sheet, you will be able to customize your own desirable custom magnet with the way which you wanted, with the low price which is currently selling as cheap as $12.99, this will be the ultimate Christmas gift for your lover, family and also close friends. Let’s use the doiy® Adhesive Magnet Sheet to make your picture become more durable, memorable, at every sight where you could see, arrange and attach, all within 30 secs.

Of course the Magnet sheet is not the only Creative Item that we have, if you have browsed our new coming “Life & Fun” section already, then you must seen our huge variety of chooses, the XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree is another creative gadget which I would like to suggest to our readers, which is basically a mobile phone charger which uses the solar cell technology, which is quite amazing. Anyways, I will let you guys explore by yourself  we are sure that you will find something that you like from our under our “life and fun” creative accessories section.

Some fun gadgets list suggested by Andrew: (good for Christmas Gift)

doiy® Adhesive Magnet Sheet $12.99
XDDESIGN® Solar Suntree $89.99
Griffin® MOTO TC Monster $59.99
j-me®Passport Holder,His $10.00
j-me® Lucky Sticky Pad Holder, Aqua $15.99
Gustav Innovation ® Fjäder Pen with Stand and Chain, Coal $39.99
Gustav Innovation ® Slända Pen, Black $24.99
Spinning Hat® Anger Management Set $14.99
Monkey Business Design® LENNY MEMO HOLDER $10.99

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