OtterBox iPhone 5 Commuter Series Case Review

Order Otterbox iPhone Case

Order Otterbox iPhone Case

 It seems that the Otterbox Commuter Series case for iPhone 5 has been recently become one of the  hottest topics online, if you are the person who is currently looking for durable and stylish case, both the Otterbox Commuter and Defender Series will be definitely some good suggestions, that would be probably the reason that they are now the Number 1 case selling. Considering these two iPhone 5 cases from Otterbox, it seems that the Otterbox Commuter iPhone case is pretty much the same as the Outter Defender case, but, a slimmer version (approximately 2mm off thickness), it doesn’t really make much differences for the people like me who care more on the overall protection rather than size/ portability, but for some people, it might be noticeable so it really depends on personal preferences.

One of the reason that people who like the OutterBox commuter case might be the extra protection and security that they delivered. This Otterbox iPhone case comes with a silicone inner case which allows you to prevent dust, dirts, port damage which serves the best to against humidity, the bad thing which I don’t like is they do not cover the speaker/microphone, but normally people won’t care about it.

OtterBox® Commuter™ Series Case For iPhone 5

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OtterBox® Commuter™ Series Case For iPhone 5

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OtterBox® Commuter™ Series Case For iPhone 5

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One of the characteristic which strengthen the commuter series iPhone 5 case is its outer layer, which made by polycarbonate material, extremely durable, the implementation of the outer case is basically use to prevent the collision or impact while your iPhone 5 dropped, it guards well especially on the edges of the phone, one thing which I like a lot from the OutterBox case is its rear cut for the camera, if you changed your iPhone case very often, you might realized that there are a lot of cases usually don’t have the perfect cutting in the camera as well as dock, volume and power button and it’s not visual appealing at all, and most of the case those kind of case start to crack from the rear area, that is why choosing a case with perfect cutting in the edge is one of the important tips that you should know every time that you are choosing iPhone cases, in general, Outterbox did really provided outstanding performance in review from their innovative design, I will keep up to date all others cool iPhone 5 cases from Outterbox as too, please stay tight with The follow is the demostration:

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