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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

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minidisplay port for Macbook proRecently we have got a lot of inquiries whether we have any product like the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for Macbook, of course we do have! I have even got one and it works very well for almost a year still, with this mini displayport adapter on hand, I will be able to screen my Macbook to any HDTV which supports HDMI port, you no longer need to spend a lot of money for the projector anymore, you just need one thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, a sufficient length of HDMI cable (6ft will be enough) and a HDTV or any big screen which supports HDMI ports, pretty simple, our online store offer the best relative price in the market, so you don’t really need to spend $30+ just for a adapter, $9 dollar will be definitely enough with the equivalent quality where you spent to any local store.

The Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter features simplistic design and control which perfectly suitable for Apple related accessories, the Mini-DisplayPort Adapter is basically a mini version of display port, it is pretty much one of of the newest display technology interface invented from Video Electronic Standards Association which aiming for faster and large volume of signal transmission. The maximum support resolution reach 1920x 1080p and since this device is not bidirectional, so it only works a mini-displayport to HDMI display and it doesn’t work in reverse way, you might click ourHDMI cable selections for more info.

hdmi cable

hdmi cable

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