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Just in case if you still don’t know “what is a hdmi cable”, a hdmi cable is a new technology which allows you to connect both audio/video signals into one solid cable (rather than component cables). This type of new technology often appear from high definition TV, video game console or even the Blu-Ray media player, the price range can run from $40 to $120, which I found it quite expensive and overpriced for general consumers, so is it real necessary to spend a lot of money just for a hdmi cable? Please read our article to understand better how to buy hdmi cable efficiently and effeictively.

Define which HDMI cable to buy

There is really not an absolute formula for buying HDMI cable because it is basically a method for both devices to connect digitally, this mean, there is only “good enough” to be able to transmits the signals or not. Compare to the traditional component cables that the quality is depend how well the cable shields the signals, for a good HDMI cable, a good one will deliver high quality picture and the bad one, will still sending the picture but with poor quality. There are many types of different HDMI cable available at the local stores, for example, you might see a “gold plated” “ultra high speed” or even “signal boosting” HDMI cable, so in order to explain further how to choose a HDMI cable, we will bring you the next HDMI knowledge content:

HDMI cable size/length:

Normally a HDMI cable do not have different sizes but rather its length. It is perhaps the most important key concept and limitation for hdmi technology. In general, most of hdmi cable has its range between 6ft to 10ft for its maximum performance, the longer the cable length, the worse the signal transmittion unless it’s applying better shielding technology, which is very costly. Therefore, the price for a 20ft hdmi cable will be much more expensive comparing to 6ft, even they are basically sharing the same material and technology. If you are a perspective buyer who want to buy hdmi cable to connect to DVD player or HDTV, then a 6ft cable will be definitely a good option for you. However, if you are looking for Monoprice hdmi cable in Canada, Primecables offer the alternative solution for the people who are unwilling to pay the high shipping fee, but at the same time enjoy the same cable quality as well as fast shipping !

What about HDMI resolution?

There are different version of HDMI cable, the 1.2 HDMI cable, 1.3 version and the most current 1.4 version HDMI cable and two type- the category 1 and category 2), they are differtiate by its signal trasmittign speed which consequently affect to its resolution. Tecnically speaking, the category 1 cable has resolution range between 720p to 1080, however, the category 2 cable is use for 1080p- HDTV, so basically, the higher version and better, but most of people won’t realized the actually differences.

Is hdmi cable durable?

To ansawer the question, first you will need to know if you really move your hdmi cable frequently, the more movement you had on your cable, and faster damage that it will cause, so in this case it is important for you to spend some extra money for higher durable cable such as the “Monster hdmi cable”, it is probably one of the best known quality construction however, the most expensive, so it really depends how long that you are willing to spend, and how long that you expect your hdmi cable to be last.


There are no actual huge differences between a cheap HDMI cable and a premium HDMI cable if you are just a regular user, of course we don’t mean the HDMI cable sell from dollar store, because they are notoriously rated for not even detecting. If you are just want to purchase a new HDTV for watching some Blu-Ray movie, then buy a good hdmi cable from online store like Primecables will be the fast and efficient way to do so, they also got consistent positive reviews from customer too, feel free to check our Facebook.

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